Move Faster as a Soldier in Team Fortress 2

Getting additional distance from rocket jumps in TF2. One of the key factors in many TF2 maps is getting to key locations faster than your opponent. In push maps especially, getting to the middle point first allows the team to capture faster and gain control of the map. We all know that the soldiers in TF2 are among the most useful and powerful classes in Team Fortress, but unfortunately they are slow. Here’s how to get your soldier moving faster than a scout on fire.

Jumping Faster as a Soldier in TF2

The first trick to getting your soldier moving faster is the obvious rocket jump. Dating from the old Quake 1 days, it’s really nothing new and will increase your movement speed immensely. When rocket jumping for speed in TF2, remember to jump AND duck at the same time. Ducking provides additional jumping distance and will make you go further with each jump.

The second aspect of getting the most of your rocket jumps is to do them at the correct angle. If you jump too high, you’ll lose speed and range. Jump too low and you’ll move quickly, but only for a limited amount of time. Ideally, you’ll want to rocket jump at a 45-60 degree angle.
View the videos for proper rocket jumping technique.

Advanced Speed for Soldiers in Team Fortress 2!

Now rocket jumping is great, but to truly squeeze all the speed that you can out of your soldier’s jumps, you’ll want to rocket jump off walls instead of the ground. When you rocket jump off a wall, you gain additional speed and range that allows you to achieve distances previously unheard of. The trick is to find good flat walls in each map. Once you have found them, perform a rocket jump off them simply means shooting the wall instead of the ground.

As always, make sure you have a medic to heal you as you rush the middle!


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Album - October 21, 2008 Reply

Can you post your method for creating this video?
this would be the smoothest ingame recording ive ever seen

Eric Lancheres - October 21, 2008 Reply

I actually just learned everything at #noobflicks
1. Fraps @ 60fps and 1280×720 res,
2. Plug it into Vegas, edit, save as uncompressed Huff
3. Compress it to mp4 h264
4. Use JW Player

Still working on it, the filesize is still a little too big for my liking!

glen - April 3, 2009 Reply

great video!

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