Glasses Friendly Headsets For Gaming

When choosing a headset for gaming, the most important thing to consider is comfort, and if you are someone that wears glasses, this is an even bigger priority. Obviously, a poorly designed headset will cause untold amounts of discomfort if you wear glasses.

gaming headset for glasses

Luckily, there is a growing market for glasses friendly headsets. Many of these headsets provide a comfortable, lightweight experience that is also suitable for prolonged use. However, they are not perfect, and their popularity has been tempered by the knowledge that many of them do not actually secure your glasses.

What to know about wearing glasses with headsets

Glasses can be difficult to wear with a headset, so one way to get around this issue is to get a pair of clip on earbuds. However, they’re not as comfortable as gaming headsets, and you may have trouble hearing your teammates or opponents over the sound of the game itself. If you want comfort, the best option is most likely a gaming headset,  but be sure that it’s specifically designed for glasses or contact lenses.

Most comfortable gaming headset for a glasses wearer

There are a few factors in determining which headsets truly are the most comfortable for glasses wearers. The first is weight and what that weight is distributed among. Very light headsets can be uncomfortable if they are not also padded enough. For this reason, a good option for comfort is the Steelseries Siberia v2 gaming headset, which weighs in at a respectable 9 ounces and 20 grams (267g). It’s lightweight enough to not cause unnecessary pressure on your head, but it is heavy enough to keep your glasses firmly in place, ensuring that you don’t get tugged every time you turn around or adjust yourself while playing.

Go with over ears headphones for comfort

Although some headsets may come with an optional clamping system, it’s generally a good idea to avoid placing your headset on your head using the actual headphone jack. This is because most gaming headsets are designed to rest on a broad area of the ear, and even if you’re sitting down, the weight of the headset rests further down on your ear than if you were wearing over ears headphones. This can be quite uncomfortable when considering that over ears headphones can be worn for extended periods without feeling fatigued. Also, since many headsets are designed to rest over your ears by default, they will frequently start rubbing against your ears after extended periods of wear.

Glasses frame can affect comfort too

You might not have noticed, but the combination of your glasses and a headset can make it even more difficult to wear the headset. For example, if you’re wearing glasses with metal frames, they can be uncomfortable against your ears due to the sharp edges. And once you add in a headset to these problems, well, it can take some adjustment. Fortunately, there are many headsets that solve this issue by featuring plenty of padding around your ears (which is why they’re so comfortable). However, if you’ve got a more traditional plastic frame for your glasses or another mod that doesn’t rub against your temple; you’ll find some headsets will work better for you as long as they don’t cover too much of your ear.

Which Headset I recommend For Glasses

The Steelseries Siberia v2 is typically found for around $100 USD. It features a retractable mic, and the headphones are padded so that your glasses don’t grind against your ears. However, there are other options that fit the description much better as well. The first is the Kingston HyperX Cloud II Pro headset. It has great sound and comes in at around $100 on Amazon as well – while also coming with a detachable cable and an over ear design.

So as you can see, you do not need to spend a fortune on specialized headsets designed to accommodate glasses. There are many models out there, however, I would say that anything below $100 tends to not do do the job well… although there are exceptions.


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