Who Has More Fun? PC Gamers VS Console Gamers Duke It Out

Even though we are heavily in favor of PC gaming here at Clutchkills, we love all consoles and think you can have a great time on any platform. Here’s a perfect example of people having a blast playing Titanfall on Xbox.

Sure… the graphics are really low and the controller movement is pitiful, but does it matter when you’re laughing so much?

This makes it one of the most entertaining Titanfall videos I have seen to-date… and if anything, it proves that playing with friends is the best way to enjoy your games. But does that mean that console gamers have more fun?

I don’t think so.

Take a look at this:

PC Gaming Montage

Here is an extreme example of a PC Titanfall gaming montage. This guy is kicking some serious ass.

Now there is no laughing, no holding hands in this video. It is INTENSE but damn is it ever enjoyable. It’s a rush to watch and certainly a rush to play. Even though ti works on different kinds of splitgate hacks, the question is – is it better? Is that hardcore adrenaline rush more enjoyable than laughing with your friends over a console game?

Personally, I need my adrenaline fix, and I go to PC gaming to get it. Consoles are great, but you just can’t pull the same moves with a controller.

The future of gaming

Will we have more fun in the future? Will our faster hardware increase the amount of joy we get from our games? I don’t know… but even if I don’t, I certainly want it.

Personally, I cannot wait until we get the next generation of input device. (I mean, the mouse has been around FOREVER and even at 1000hz and 1 ms reaction time, I feel we could do better). Everything from graphics to input controllers could use improvement and I personally cannot wait to be able to execute even more advanced gaming combat maneuvers.

This will make PC gaming even more intense… and I’m sure I’ll love every second of it.

PC vs Console: Do we need to fight?

I think we can all agree that the most intense FPS gaming action will occur on the PC because the input devices are better and the processing speed is higher. (It’s easier to aim at 144hz than it is at 60hz on a TV) and I think we can all agree that gaming on a giant 50″ television provides a different (yet still quite enjoyable) gaming experience.

It’s a matter of preference… and I prefer the crap out of the PC.

Do you agree? Which is better, PC or console? Let me know in the comments or post about in the forums.


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Eric is the author of Fragging Fundamentals, the ultimate guide to competitive FPS gaming.

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