Why Use Left Handed Gaming Keyboards

Left handed gaming keyboards are designed because lefties need more ergonomic features to be comfortable.

benefits of using a left handed gaming keyboard

With the majority of computer keyboards having the numeric keypad on the right side can make gaming restrictive and uncomfortable, especially during long bouts of gaming.

Why a Left Handed Keyboard is Beneficial

For left handed people and for some other individuals, the standard keyboard layout can be awkward. For lefties, the numeric keypad tends to get in the way when typing. It also gets in the way of their mouse hand when using a mouse with such a setup. As such, these individuals have difficulty mousing and typing at the same time. They also tend to get wrist pain from such an awkward set up. This discomfort can contribute to muscle tension and even carpal tunnel syndrome over time. For this reason, it is beneficial for such users to have a left handed keyboard layout that is more ergonomic than standard keyboards for everyone else.

Are Left Hand Keyboards Common?

Despite the benefits of using a left handed keyboard, it is not common. The majority of people who use a left handed keyboard are those who are injured or who have tendonitis in their wrist.

Keyboard layouts for right-handed people are usually designed with comfort as a primary goal. This can lead to awkward and hard to reach keys in some cases. For this reason, it may be necessary for professionals and others to seek out left-handed keyboard layouts that will help them be more comfortable with their computing equipment.

Companies such as Microsoft have been releasing new computers that use such layouts more frequently over the last decade or so. These keyboards tend to be more professional oriented but can be purchased by consumers and for gaming.

What Makes A Good Left Handed Keyboard

The best left handed keyboards are designed to be professional and functional, as well as ergonomic. The best of these will have an OS that is compatible with them. The layout may also include a number of shortcut keys to make it easier for users to have the primary functions with the minimum amount of keystrokes. These can be especially useful for gamers. Such keyboards will also include more ergonomic features such as larger keys and a better key pad layout that can stay out of the way when typing or mousing using this system.

There are some drawbacks to such keyboards, however. They tend to be more expensive than standard gaming keyboards and this can impact their appeal for some consumers who are on a budget.

Cons of Left Handed Keyboards

There are a number of drawbacks to this newer layout that are a result of muscle tension, bad typing habits, and muscle memory. When typing on a keyboard designed for right-handed people, people will tend to use the space bar as their primary keypad. This can lead to awkward key presses and slow typing. For lefties, this can lead to much faster typing speed but also cause issues with wrist pain. For those who have been using such keyboards for years, it is even harder to break these bad patterns of usage because they have so much muscle memory built up around them.

Another issue with left handed gaming is that it can be difficult for some individuals to learn keyboard shortcuts properly when using a standard keyboard layout.

Pros of Left Handed Keyboards

They are far more ergonomic and comfortable than a standard keyboard. Allows for faster keystrokes and improved mouse speed.

They Provide better access to some of the functions of the keyboard, such as the escape button on the number pad (This is an especially nice feature for gamers). They also help prevent injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis.

Author’s Final Thoughts

Chose your the right keyboard for the right game. Depending on the game, keyboard might be the difference between success and failure.

The main advantage to using a left-handed keyboard is that it puts the arrow keys, Page Up and Page Down on your home row. If you’re doing any sort of precision gaming and need these keys, a Logitech G Prodigy (Gameboard) might be a good fit for you as it helps you become more efficient during gaming it minimizes mouse movement, reduce hand strain, and maintain good posture when playing.


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