Xiaomi’s Mi Note 10: World’s First Smartphones with 108 MP Penta Camera Array

Xiaomi is officially back, and it’s gone bananas with its Mi Note 10 family of smartphones. Its latest flagship, the Mi Note 10, offers so many compelling features that I never want to pick up another phone again.

The Mi Note 10 is all about camera, and for good reason. The Mi Note 10 has built-in 62-megapixel camera sensors on each side — something not yet possible in a phone. But more important, the Mi Note 10 has a camera module that holds 108 megapixels. In other words, the mbita sensor being used in this phone is so good that it can take 76 separate images in 2.4 seconds and, more important, all the individual images are embedded in the module. And that’s great for those who enjoy making “bokeh” shots of their subjects, which you see Apple aficionados often doing on Instagram.

First smartphone with 108 megapixels

A more important feature of the Mi Note 10 is a fingerprint sensor built directly into the display. That means that if you have your phone out in the open, your fingerprints work fine when you hold it up to your face, just like on a smartwatch. My life will never be the same again. I have an iPhone XR that doesn’t have a fingerprint reader, and I can’t see how that works.

For photography, video, and gaming, the Mi Note 10 is truly impressive. Its colors are stunningly vibrant, the displays are just okay (the only camera is a single 8-megapixel, f/2.2 camera for stills), and its camera app has a good selection of modes, including a pseudo-smart mode that automatically selects the best shot.

The Mi Note 10 may look like an Android-running “budget” device, but it’s actually loaded with a phablet-class processor, a robust storage and memory, and fast wireless charging. I’d pay anything for it.


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