Sony to Build New Factory to Boost CMOS Sensor Output

Sony Corporation announces plans to build a new factory in Singapore to bolster CMOS image sensor output. They expect to invest about RMB 100 billion ($15.25 billion) by 2023.

The Relocation of Sony’s Factory

According to information obtained from Sony Asia Corporation, their new factory will be located in China, but move to Singapore in 2022. The investment will be used to increase the production of CMOS image sensors for Sony-brand digital cameras.

Sony's new factory in Singapore

Sony’s new factory built to bolster image sensor output.

The factory will initially have a total capacity of 3,000 megapixels per month. However, the number will be doubled to about 6,000 megapixels per month within five years. The factory also features a 43-megapixel wide format lens with a sample frame resolution of 4820×2490 pixels.

Expanding Production of Annual CMOS Sensor Output

Sony’s expansion in the manufacturing sector is a significant step toward its goal of doubling overall annual CMOS sensor output by the fiscal year end. Their latest monetary expansion reflects its belief in the potential of the industry to boost profitability.

In addition to the new factory, Sony has extended the facilities of existing factories. This includes a 400,000 tonne heavy weight slab used in their technologies. This metal material also includes a roll-to-roll technology.

Sensor Development: Beyond Just Relocation

In April 2018, Sony achieved an important milestone in its CMOS image sensor development. With the support of a new world-class factory in Singapore, the use of metal-oxide semiconductor technology has greatly increased, where Samsung and LG are the only two chip manufacturers to use a metal-oxide semiconductor technology.

“To enable our customers to access the most advanced image sensor capabilities in the world, we have expanded our operations,” stated Andy Baker, General Manager of Sony Electronics Singapore. “We have achieved significant production milestones with only three new factories in the United States, Taiwan and South Korea.”


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