144hz vs. 165hz Comparison: Can You Notice A Difference In Gaming?

Are you a gamer looking to get the best monitor configuration possible? Maybe you’re looking for the perfect monitor and, you’re wondering if paying for a 165hz monitor is worth it?

If you want to outperform your pals and have a clear advantage on the battlefield would having a 165hz monitor make a difference? Continue reading to find out.

The Embarrassment and Disadvantages of Low Refresh Rates

Do you spend hours searching Steam for the perfect game or love playing the newest FPS (first-person shooter) nonstop? Then you’ve probably noticed that choosing the ideal monitor can be stressful, and frustrating.

Even worse, maybe you look for advice on social media, and you can’t believe what you’re reading. Everyone has a different opinion. The ideal refresh rate is a topic of conjecture.

You also see everyone boasting and bragging about how superior their gaming rigs are. Now you’re sick and tired of getting smoked and owned when gaming because of your dismally poor refresh rate. Are your enemies having their way with you because they enjoy an unfair tech advantage?

You can’t help but wonder if an improved refresh rate will finally give you an edge, or even a small advantage. At the very least, maybe a better monitor can at least give you a chance.

The Truth About 144hz vs. 165hz Performance for Gaming

With so many monitor options these days, it can be enough to drive you insane. Your frustration is especially evident if you’ve ever asked a retail salesman to explain the difference between 144hz and 165hz. If you ask ten experts, you’re likely to get ten wildly different answers!

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The main thing to remember about refresh rates is that the higher the refresh rate, the more difficult it is to notice a difference. For example, if you have a 60hz monitor alongside a new 165hz monitor, you’ll notice a big difference. But, if you see a 144hz monitor next to 165hz monitor, you’ll have to pay very close attention to notice a difference.

According to this article on Wikipedia, a refresh rate is the number of times display hardware updates its buffer per second. Usually, the higher the refresh rate, the better!

For example, if you compare a 60hz monitor to a 165hz monitor, there is a substantial 93% difference. You’ll notice that 93% difference in refresh rate, big time! If on the other hand, you compare 144hz to 165hz, there’s only a tiny 13% difference! That 13% difference is much harder to see.

Unless you have eyes like a hawk, it’s hard to notice a difference when you talk about higher and higher refresh rates.

In other words, the higher the refresh rate gets, the harder it is to notice further improvements. Unless you have an unfathomably keen eye, it will get harder and harder to spot refresh improvements as time goes on. The human eye can only handle so much!

The Main Reason Why 165hz Has 144hz Beat for Gaming at This Time

Will you notice a difference when gaming on a 144hz monitor vs. a 165hz monitor? That depends mainly upon the games that you play, the video card, the resolution, the frame rate, and your attention to detail.

The main reason why 165hz monitors have 144hz monitors beat isn’t because of the negligible refresh rate improvement. The main reason is that 165hz monitors are usually newer models. The newer models may boast better features, improved resolution, better colors, and even better support. The monitor itself will also probably look more impressive.

Is a little hike of 21hz worth the extra cost? That’s entirely up to you. If you don’t mind paying a few additional bucks, then snag a 165hz monitor with good reviews. You’ll have a superior and newer monitor with better features. On the other hand, if you don’t want to pay the extra cash, then save the money and grab a 144hz monitor.

There’s no shame if you want to save some cash and there’s not much of a jump from 144hz to 165hz. Unless you have a ridiculously keen eye for detail, the performance is negligible.

A Quick Comparison Between 165hz vs. 240hz

If you’re a professional gamer, and if every fps counts, then you might want to consider a 240hz monitor. There’s no doubt that a properly configured 240hz monitor on a beast of a video card can offer an amazingly fluid gaming experience.

The problem with 240hz monitors, of course, is that your current gaming system might not support it. If your video card lacks, you may experience terrible video glitches like hanging, image tearing, or flickering.

To run 240hz at a decent framerate, you’ll need the latest video card to output that many frames. If your video card can’t support 240hz comfortably, then you may as well settle for a 144hz or 165hz card.

If you don’t want to experience the hassle of updating your video card, then don’t get sad! If you’re currently rocking a 60hz build, then either a 144hz or 165hz upgrade will rock your world, for sure.

So, if you’re a casual gamer, then a 240hz monitor might not be the best bet. After all, if you have a 144hz or 165hz monitor, then you can still have a crisp, fluid, and excellent gaming experience.

Two of the Best ASUS 144hz and 165hz Monitors Compared

Let’s go in for a more detailed look into the world of gaming monitors so you can find the perfect choice for your gaming setup!

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Two of the most popular and best-rated monitors on the market right now are the ASUS ROG PG279Q 165hz, and the ASUS ROG PG278Q 144hz.

Both monitors are utterly attractive. You’ll also love red light featured on either of these monitors the first time you start them up. Either monitor easily lets you pivot, swivel, or tilt the screen so you can get the positioning just right.

The PG279Q 165hz monitor looks beautiful in person. When you launch your first game and see this monitor in action, you’ll smile because the presentation and performance are both sweet. If your computer has a powerful video card that can handle high resolutions and fast framerate, then this monitor is tough to beat. It screams and will make any FPS game experience awesome.

The ASUS PG278Q 144hz is also a beastly monitor worth checking out. While it only runs at 144hz, you can still achieve a performance that will smoke your older 60hz or 75hz monitors.

Here’s the Best Advice to Help You Choose the Perfect Monitor Guaranteed

When you choose your next gaming monitor, ask yourself, do you need the highest possible performance?

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If you have the means, budget, and desire to get the latest and most excellent gaming rig, then go for it. You may notice a difference by going from 144hz to 165hz, and you’ll have a ton of fun playing your latest first-person shooter.

However, if your budget isn’t the biggest in the world, then remember that there’s no shame in a quality 144hz monitor! A 144hz monitor especially rocks if you get a reliable hardware brand with a ton of positive reviews and having a smashing video card helps too.

Even with a mid-level 144hz monitor, you’ll notice a ridiculously massive improvement over the previous generation of gaming monitors. You’ll see more vibrant colors, superior response time, better resolutions, and an immaculate refresh rate compared to what you have now.


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