Nixeus Launches NX-EDG34: A Curved 34-Inch WQHD Monitor w/ 144 Hz & FreeSync

A new 27-inch Monitor is already on the market in 2019, but now there’s the new NX-EDG34, which is just one of a couple of the bent.

How does this single bent monitor make us “tech sophisticates”? It gives you a low-resolution 46mmmm panel, which offers a great amount of screen space — 140 per cent of the standard 24-inch screen — with an ultra-fast refresh rate (150 Hz). But its curved design doesn’t allow you to curve your view to produce a better experience. And that means, in practice, you have to adjust your viewing angles to get the optimal viewing angles.

With WQHD resolution and a 144 Hz maximum refresh rate.

You get no such sideways handling with the curved ViewPad 3700 also announced at SIGGRAPH. This 27-inch display is also 46mmmm tall, which means you get the display without your eyes being pushed outside of their comfort zone. But fortunately, its ultra-fast and super-wide 144 Hz refresh rate comes at no financial cost.

Plus it’s so heavy that it’s impossible to carry it around, so you might want to buy a lightweight carry case, since the ViewPad and 3800 can not only be tough for you to carry, but can be very cold on your hands in low-light conditions.

This sleek curved display is just small enough that, like their elongated television counterparts, you can use it as a computer-based display. You can also pull it out to sit with your sitting to use the computer (very convenient, and a rare treat at meetings) or hang it up as your standard monitor.

The ViewPad 3700 can provide two-stereo surround sound from dual integrated speakers; you can even listen to music while watching video. I’ve had a few personal reviews for the ViewPad over the years, and I’ve been quite impressed with both the resolution and detail — quite honestly, a rarity in computers.

But ultimately, our Display of the Year award goes to the tiny NX-EDG34, also announced at SIGGRAPH. This curved monitor is available immediately for $799, and with a radical benefit: it has a true ultra-high refresh rate (without the annoying jitter of a brand-new variant of FreeSync), in addition to a great on-screen viewing experience, and is available in a flat-edge bezel, for price-sensitive buyers.

Of course, there are lots of new OLED displays coming, which will continue to be intriguing. But we’re seeing so many of them that nothing is really new anymore. In the meantime, maybe you can find some retailers on the sidelines who are interested in rolling out some of the new tech we’re expecting — smartwatches, for example.


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