Intel Launches Xeon E 2200 Series for Servers

Intel Corp. announced on Nov. 5 it has begun shipping its latest Xeon-E processors for servers, providing ample compute power for cloud computing and data analytics.

17% Faster Than Previous Xeon-E Family

The Xeon-E 2200 series operates in dual-socket and tri-socket configurations. Available in 1-socket and dual-socket models, the new family of processors includes eight cores and two graphics threads. The new Xeon-E processors offer 15 percent to 17 percent faster performance than the previous Xeon-E family. With 500 watts of thermal design power and support for dual PCIe Gen 3 lanes, the new family can also deliver more cores and threads than previous-generation products.

latest Xeon-E processors. designed for cloud computing and data analytics.

“Intel has updated its Xeon-E product portfolio to meet the needs of today’s cloud service providers,” said Jeff Bell, general manager, Intel Data Center Group. “By accelerating performance and reducing energy consumption, our Xeon-E 2200 series delivers greater performance per watt than previous-generation products, while simultaneously extending the lifetime of these products.”

The new processors are designed for performance-optimized systems running distributed resource workloads. The Xeon-E 2200 series is ideal for multi-tenant cloud data centers such as The Container Co-op (TCO), an Amazon Web Services spin-off.

Grouping Multiple Containers On A Single Rack Now Possible

“With so many containers in the market now, the containers themselves are becoming quite small,” said Erik Haaland, CTO of TCO. “Our customers, for example, often have eight or more of these containers attached to a cluster in a data center. We needed to figure out how we get those groups of containers on a single rack. By leveraging Intel’s new Xeon-E 2200 series, we can achieve this.”

The Intel Xeon-E family of processors with four cores and two graphics threads is especially designed for scalable and ultra-low power servers for big data and big cloud projects. Most common models of the Intel Xeon-E 2200 series are available in 1-socket and dual-socket configurations.

Xeon-E 2000 Flexible For A Wide Range Of Products

The Intel Xeon-E 2200 series is also designed for use in a wide range of products, including multi-tenant cloud data centers and microdata centers. Microdata centers have fewer servers, but are designed for high-performance web-scale computing and analytics applications. For example, Microdata Centre and DualMon are platforms that provide ultra-low-power servers for these applications.

New models are available today and will be available in 1-, 2-, and 3-socket configurations from Intel. Customers that are looking for quotes on Xeon-E products should visit

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