Trick Jumping For Scouts in Team Fortress 2

I was planning on having an article written up for tricky spots a scout can go on key maps in TF2… but after seeing this video, I’m pretty sure my job has already been done by someone else!

The scout video tutorial shows you a mix of useful and novelty, so try to retain the useful ones for match time.

If you have any other links to scout jumping, post in comments!


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Spamdini - November 5, 2008 Reply

that is a pretty wicked video. there are A LOT of spots i didnt think could be gotten to. there are also a lot that aren’t very useful in terms of gameplay/matches. on the other hand there are a lot of NEW ways to get to USEFUL places. very creative. i wouldnt mind seeing a video or an article on excellent scout “dancing” or dodging skills when in a gun fight. especially if a top tier scout player could be interviewed or consulted or something like that.

Inwhite - June 17, 2009 Reply

realy useful thx =>

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